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SimuTranslator Registration Request

Started by Duke, October 04, 2020, 01:16:58 AM

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Hello, new member here :)

I would like to help out with the English translations for a few of the paksets, specifically pak128.german and pak192.comic.


Happy welcome!

that sounds awesome! We (Pak192.Comic) really do need help with translations.
First, because it takes a lot of time. And second, because everyone in the team speaks English as second langauge, so we definitly do not know all the more specific terms.

In plus I have to admit that I do not take a look at the translator very often. Things might be a bit outdated right now, I'll update them after this post.

Do you have experience using the Simutranslator?

Edit: maybe i should read the title... In case you don't get DMed soonTM, I can ask in the German forums for you, the admins of the translator are very active over there


I have some experience with the Simutranlator. I've made some suggestions already for those two paksets, but I may have some questions about how exactly I'm allowed to translate with regards to the rules.


OMG I just see that! Thanks a lot for contributing. I'll take a look at it and approve them asap so you can see them ingame too ;)