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Obstructive public player chapter 7

Started by Mariculous, October 30, 2020, 02:59:52 PM

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Last chapter, we talked about the public player and waterways. Today, we want to talk about railways

I guess the image is self-explanatory.
Anyways, could we please enforce bridges over railway tracks in general, or at least in case tracks maximum speed is greater than level crossings speed?


The code for automatic bridge building is extremely complex and not code with which I am familiar, so it is likely to take an extremely large amount of time and effort to implement this. It is something that is worthwhile, but is not something that is likely to be able to be done in the near future, as this is likely to require me to dedicate possibly weeks on end to doing nothing else but this.
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Might not crossing fast tracks at all be an option around this?
It is really most annoying to take care of fixing what the AI did.
It's kind of like playing with a  troll on a server.