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Makeobj nightly can't compile pak192.comic

Started by Flemmbrav, October 17, 2020, 06:01:42 PM

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Hey there,

following issue appears since 3 days:
Pak192.comic does not build because some old multi-tile buildings do not compile anymore.

The error we get is:

  []  10%
Error: Makeobj returned an error for calculated/pakset/buildings/city/com_5alpine_2x2.dat. Aborting...
Erroe: Can not compile calculated/pakset/buildings/city/com_5alpine_2x2.dat

The dat in question:

We did not change the building process nor thee files themselves.


When compiling the pak manually, I get:

$ ~/Projects/code/simutrans/build/default/makeobj/makeobj pak192 foo.pak com_5alpine_2x2.dat
FATAL ERROR: tabfile_t::calculate_internal - Invalid reference to parameter $2
Aborting program execution ...

This is most probably due to the makeobj fixes I made a while back. See also my pak192.comic bug report from last month.


Thank you, that might be, but the time does not match.

I pinned it down to b from 12 to 14 days ago:
This patch from 12 days ago did not compile:
This patch from 14 days ago did compile:

I'll take a look at the mentioned dat and see if it helps regardless.

Also Leartin should read about his Bugs, shaking my head


I tried solving this - sadly I can't accss to a new makobj nightly and github dos not show the exact error.
The same thing seems to happen in multiple dats, and i solved 2 of them already. Sadly, I can't find the next error. Can you help me there somehow?


Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


In r9302 line numbers will be reported in these fatal error messages
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


Thank you, this helps a lot!

Edit: fixed it, thanks for the help!