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Inconsistent coordinate display - (XX,YY) vs <XX,YY>

Started by Ranran on indefinite leave, November 15, 2020, 04:55:26 AM

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Ranran on indefinite leave

I've always been concerned about this. I would like to raise this issue at the opportunity of GUI update work. Why simutrans people~. (Jason screams)

Currently, the following two notations are mixed for coordinate display.

NotationDisplayed dialogs
Title bar(building info), Connection factory list(Factory info, Station detail), Message centre
<XXX, YYY>Singnal info, Cargo info(destination detail etc)
Why simutrans people~. (Jason screams again)
Generally, the notation should be unified in one game.

(XXX, YYY) is used in many dialogs. However, ( ) is also used in many places when writing numerical values or supplementary information together.
I think <XXX, YYY> has a history of being used to avoid confusion with them. For example, Destination building <XXX, YYY> (City name)
Considering that, I think it would be better to unify it to <XXX, YYY> style.

What do you think about this? (´・ω・`)


In English and Mandarin, it is usual to write (x,y) coordinates in brackets (parentheses).

But I do not have a strong opinion about this.
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Ranran on indefinite leave

Thank you for your opinion. I think it's a mathematical expression rather than English or specific language. Also in the program it is an array of two or three.
I'm not sure if that is necessary in the in-game display. Someone has previously used the <> notation in extended. I remember seeing the <> for coordinates in another game, but I can't remember for sure...


For example, the signal box list and depot list display city names, region names, and coordinates to indicate whereabouts.
The signal capacity and the number of connections are displayed in parentheses.


I've always seen coordinates expressed as (x,y).

However, I don't think it is confusing to change it to <x,y>. Specially if it can help distinguishing between coordinates numbers and other kind of numbers place together.


I have never seen an <x,y> koordinate notation in mathematics nor in everyday use.
Simutrans is the only place where I have seen these and I was in fact a little confused. I assumed it was a koord, but as it used a different notation, I also assumed there must be be something special about it, which seemed to be wrong.

Thus, I a gree with Ranran, we should use a consistent notation.
Imho that notation should be (x,y) because that's a very common notation in everyday use.