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Desining a Pakset for Steam

Started by Flemmbrav, October 14, 2020, 04:52:42 PM

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I don't know if I was clear there, sorry!

Carl painted the entire current/recent fleet which works in Extended or for experienced players but would not suit this. It's too many choices with not enough difference that players will understand what's going on.

Instead I would offer speed/capacity/cost choices - perhaps 3/4 choices per "type" of vehicle (trucks, EMU, DMU, coaching stock, plane, boat) per "era". That way there would be no more than around 10-15 vehicles at any one time (and that's for trains where EMU/DMU/Coaching stock are all very different anyway), boats, planes and cars would be much lower

I think, properly balanced, it would help players understand the choices they have to make without being faced with 70+ types of vehicle per type to pick from.

For what it's worth, once I've fleshed out my pakset I will give doing a smaller fork like you have suggested. It's still pre-alpha so you g enough that it would be easy and involve little effort.


Sounds good to me!

Pak192.Comic got a bit overwhelming in that regard too in the recent years. We might not have every modern vehicle out there, but it's not that far from it. I'm pretty tempted to clean it up a bit as well - might do after this thing here is done.
My approach on that would be to define most repetitive vehicles as addon for the main pakset, instead of shipping them by default.
I'm not sure on how familiar you are with the Pak192.Comic, we actually ship a pakset with "all the addons" (well mainly the ones the main devs did recently) on our github as well as a more streamlined main pakset.

My main idea on the "super slim apporach" of the first post was to define some object you'd find everywhere in the world. I'd love to see multiple sets of graphics for the very same set of dat files.


I haven't played 192 before, my preference has always been 64px sets but I've seen the screenshots - the work it phenomenal!

I think universal dat files would be good for these starter kits. It would let players pick the pakset they like the most while they learn rather than picking a pakset they like to play but dont love the look of so much. Once they've learned the games basics they'd probably do better in their chosen "main" pakset.