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An update on Pak256.America-Ex

Started by RealAmerican1776, October 14, 2020, 08:17:15 PM

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Hello, everyone it's been a white and I would like to update you on the progress of Pak256.America-Ex. I just finished the houses, shops, and industrial buildings. Now, I am working on locomotives. I have houses from colonial times, log cabins, and modern houses. For modern houses, I have all four directions and all seasons so in the backyards of houses, the trees will change with the seasons plus snow.


0-4-0 (1830)
0-4-0 (1851)
0-4-0 (1885)

0-6-0 (1849)
0-6-0 (1880)


4-4-0 (1836)
4-4-0 (1855)
4-4-0 (1880)

4-6-0 (1882)

United States Railroad Administration Locomotives

USRA 0-6-0
USRA Heavy Mikado
USRA Light Mikado
USRA Heavy Pacific
USRA Light Pacific

Guy the Wise

Pak256.America-Ex is sounding pretty good already. Log cabins would most definitely be a welcome addition. I like that you're also going to include USRA engines; the Light Mikado & its variations are probably the greatest staple of the railroading scene from WW1 to the Transition Era.
I do, however, have 3 questions:
1) When it comes to the non-USRA engines, what locomotives are you recreating or drawing inspiration from?
2) I see that you have multiple versions of the same wheel configuration, so are the newer versions going to outright replace the older ones or will the older ones be available with the newer ones for a short period of time?
3) May we see your progress? I, for one, would definitely see how development is coming along. This is more or less to build up my own hype and maybe others.


To answer your questions GTW:

1) I use the same locomotive template for the newer 0-4-0, 0-6-0, and 4-4-0 as they are similar in arrangement so for the 4-4-0, I just added two more wheels to the 0-4-0 and made it a bit longer. For the modern diesel locomotives, my models come off of the 3d warehouse and I just do the liveries So for the EMD FT from 1939-1945, I have Boston and Maine's maroon with gold stripes livery, Lehigh Valley, Southern Railways, and player color.

2) I haven't thought about it. What would YOU like to see?

3) I'll try to upload an image of one of my modern locomotives.


Here's an image of the GP-38-2 in Vermont Railway livery.