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Military Locomotives

Started by RealAmerican1776, October 19, 2020, 03:17:10 AM

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Hello, I know going through the forum, many have advocated against having the military in Simutrans. Well what about military owned locomotives? For example, I currently have a Baldwin S-12 switcher in United States Navy livery and planning on adding the Air Force and U.S. Army liveries as well later on, would something like that be acceptable?

Here's the locomotive in real life in Navy livery:


In pak128.Britain-Ex, James Petts wisely sidestepped the issue by referring to wartime locomotives and rolling stock as having "Austerity" liveries.

So maybe you could draw the liveries, but refer to them as "Government" liveries and avoid using military words?

By the way, Google refuses to let me use that link; I think it's locked to your Google account.
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Huh, I got an error opening it as well. I was thinking last night that I can live without with the Army and Air Force but the Navy yes. I want to have shipyards in my pakset and maybe in one town it's a Naval Shipyard. So, players can use the Navy switcher to move stuff from the yard in town to the shipyard. For the government. I have government locomotives in the form of the United States Railroad Administration, which was the nationalized railroad during World War One.


Pak192.comic features military locomotives too.
As long as they don't carry weapons, I don't see an issue with it.


I think that if that locomotive type could have been used for non-military uses, then it is ok. And an extra livery is always good for multiplayer.
What I would consider not suitable is armoured train used in combat.


Well and the armored train would have no function in Simutrans. Like I said, I want to use the Navy switchers on some shipyards. That's all. And multiplayer... I never thought about that, how would I be able to add multiplayer to the game? Because I have a bunch of liveries including Boston and Maine's Blue Livery and I am going to add it's Maroon w/ Gold Stripes livery for the EMD FT from 1939. I also have Vermont Railway, Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority, New Jersey Transit, Southern Railway, and other railroads plus Army and Air Force.


Multiplayer is already included. You can play over network with other people. Even if you play alone, you can switch to different companies. A nice example is the demo game of pak128.britain. So you can have a separate company for trains/buses/airplanes, or for different regions, branch lines, etc.   In that case it is useful to have some visual difference between vehicles of different companies, and for that the liveries are a good tool. Another is to use special "player" colors on vehicles:   But the special colors do not work very well with rendering. Some postprocessing would be needed.


Do you recommend any good post processing tools?


These are scripts (addons, whatever) for gimp, that help working with special colors.


Thank you. One more question, will gimp keep the transparent background? When I work with models on the regular paint software, it removes the transparency creating a white square when placed in the game and it looks bad.


Yes gimp works well with transparency.


Alright, I'll check it out. Thank you for your help. I'm about half way done with the first American themed pakset in Simutrans so this will help.