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Simutrans Steam Screenshot Contest

Started by Roboron, November 01, 2020, 06:50:20 PM

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Hello, everyone! I, Roboron, have the great pleasure of opening the first Simutrans Steam Screenshot Contest (or, as I like to call it, "SSSC"). This is also the first contest the Simutrans Community has started in over 4 years, so we are very excited! And we have a good reason. The prize for the winners is... to be displayed on the Steam Store Page!

1 - There's a category for every pakset (including workshop paksets and the yet unavailable pak128.cs).
2 - You can submit as many screenshots as you want.
3 - You only need to submit your screenshots as replies on this thread.
4 - You need to include title and category (pakset) for every screenshot. Screenshots without title or category will not be eligible.
5 - You have until December 21st to submit your screenshots!

Theme and guidelines
1 - The theme is... Transport structures! (Unoriginal, you say?). Let's show new players what is possible to build with Simutrans. A great train station? Perfect! An amazing road network! Sweet! An underground complex? Wow! A country road with nothing more than grass? Not so impressive...
2 - To keep screenshots clean, try to disable city/station names and avoid showing title bars, overcrowded menus, etc.
3 - While I won't impose any limits to screenshot size, recommended size is 1920x1080 as this is the most common resolution.

1 - For the first winner of each category: The screenshot will be displayed on the main Simutrans Store Page, alongside the winners of all categories.
2 - For the second winner of each category: The screenshot will be used as the header for the pakset DLC.
3 - For the third winner of each category: The screenshot will be used as the background of the pakset store page.
4 - For winners 1-10 of each category: The screenshot will be displayed on the pakset store page (or workshop) page.

Voting will be done on a wiki survey (I will post a new announcement when the time comes). Everyone (participants and non-participants) can vote, but you can only vote one time per category.
If two or more screenshots have the same votes, our benevolent dictator will benevolently select a winner, taking into account theme and guidelines.

Participation via other platforms
You can also participate through the following platforms (don't forget to include title and category):

  • Reddit: Submitting your screenshots to /r/simutrans/
  • Twitter: Using the hastag #SimutransSteamScreenshot
  • Steam: submitting your screenshots to the "Screenshots" section of the community Hub

1 - Lieven, City of Brussels 1
2 - Lieven, City of Brussels 2
3 - Lieven, City of Brussels 3
4 - Lieven, Countryside of France
5 - Lieven, Railway Spaghettis 1
6 - Lieven, Railway Spaghettis 2
7 - Lieven, Road spaghettis 1
8 - Lieven, Road spaghettis 2
9 - Lieven, Zeebrugge
10 - Lieven, Mining complex
11 - ayylmayooo, "New Harbour"
12 - danivenk, Shigetomi JCT
13 - danivenk, Hiroki-Sesekushi Suspension Bridge
14 - danivenk, Kaimon Station
15 - danivenk, Usuki Station
16 - danivenk, Wakita Station
17 - danivenk, Ishino Station area
18 - danivenk, Highway Exit Kurotaki
19 - danivenk, Takaono Station
20 - danivenk, Shigetomi Station
21 - danivenk, Miyama Station
22 - danivenk, South-East Tokiwa

23 - danivenk, Yoshida Station
24 - danivenk, Yoshida Station - Underground
25 - danivenk, Kanegasaki Station
26 - danivenk, Kinashi Island
27 - danivenk, Kasukabe Station
28 - danivenk, Kasukabe Station - Underground

29 - Vladki, "Lakebourne transport hub"
30 - DThunder518, Burnham Mail Facility
31 - DThunder518, Ledbury Main Station
32 - DThunder518, Port Jervis
33 - DThunder518, Reigate Airport
34 - DThunder518, Wickwar Airport
35 - DThunder518, Withernsea Junction
36 - DThunder518, Wootton-Basset Airport

37 - makie, "Garmisch" [1] [2] [3]
38 - makie, "München" [1] [2] [3]
39 - makie, "Berlin" [1] [2] [3]
40 - makie, "Soest" [1] [2] [3]
41 - makie, "Ruhrgebiet" [1] [2] [3]
42 - iGi, "Oktoberfest needs more beer!"
43 - iGi, "freight distribution station"
44 - DThunder518, Alpine City Brentham
45 - DThunder518, Heppby
46 - DThunder518, Flughafen Oak Bay
47 - DThunder518, Regionalflughafen Oldham
48 - DThunder518, Renton Hauptbahnhof & Renton Westbahnhof
49 - DThunder518, Renwick Center
50 - DThunder518, Flughafen Torwick

XX - ahakuoku, Mountainous Area

XX - Yau, City of Malaga

51 - Zeruon, Near the main station
52 - DThunder518, Brno
53 - DThunder518, Dublovieky Crossing
54 - DThunder518, Nechalov Interchange
55 - DThunder518, Oil Refinery


What size should the screenshots have? And where do we submit them?


Quote from: Vladki on November 01, 2020, 07:35:20 PMWhat size should the screenshots have?

Good question, I haven't thought about it. I don't want to define a minimum/maximum size, but I think I can define the recommended size as 1920x1080 (as this is the most frequent resolution - see image). I shall add this as a guideline, not as a rule.

For the second questions:
Quote3 - You only need to submit your screenshots as replies on this thread.

Isaac Eiland-Hall


This sounds great!

On the resolution, if most people are playing with 1920x1080 screens then their simutrans window would be taking up a smaller area than that (I'm assuming most people play in windowed mode rather than fullscreen).


So here is the first screenshot entry:
Title: Lakebourne transport hub
Category: pak128.britain(-ex)
Image is taken from Stephenson-Siemens network game of simutrans-extenden, and shows the following modes of transport: bus, tram, train, air and boat (hovercraft). Only maglev and narrow-gauge is missing.


This post looks devoid of screenshots though.


Seems like a bug of img tag. Added a simple link too


From the scenario "Deutschland" (German Card)







I build the citygrow to a gif video together:
Pak128.german, from the scenario "Deutschland" (German Card), second Server run

Citygrow of Berlin:

Citygrow of Ruhrgebiet:


Like it ! Very nice this evolution, how did you do that ? Is it a GIF ?
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


Gimp --> export -> gif--> Animation
each layer contain a picture


My participation is about my representation of the North of France, and a part of the Belgium and Netherlands in a Custom Pak128 (Pak128 with loads of Add-ons)

City of Brussels

Countryside of France

Railway Spaghettis

Road spaghettis

Bonus, my entire map

EDIT : The pictures are stacked in high quality, click on them to acces the extented view
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


Pretty impressive spaghettis Lieven, thank you for submitting them.

Status update, so far the only participations are the ones on this post. No participations were made on other platforms, but we are at the middle of the contest, so you have plenty of time to participate yet.

I edited the end of the first post to show a list of participations.


Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


First participations from Steam, from user iGi:

Pak128.german - Oktoberfest needs more beer!

Pakset: Pak128.German - Title: freight distribution station

EDIT: Also from Reddit. "New Harbor"

I think I will extend the participation period 3 weeks. This is both because I will very busy the following weeks and because I was expecting more submissions (I know at least one user who didn't participate due to lack of time). New submission deadline is December 21st.


Here are my submissions:

Entry 1 Shigetomi JCT
Your casual cloverleaf highway interchange. Pak128 + Addons

Entry 2 Hiroki-Sesekushi Suspension Bridge
A large suspension bridge connecting the cities of Hiroki and Sesekushi. Pak128 + Addons

Entry 3 Kaimon Station
This is a combination of a local and commuter line. On the top is the non-electrified Nozomi Railway Line. and on the bottom is the Electrified Mizumori Yamamori Line. Pak128 + Addons

Entry 4 Usuki Station
A small one platform local station along the Nozomi Railway Line. The national road going alongside it. Pak128 + Addons

Entry 5 Wakita Station
The Terminus of the Nozomi Railway Line. There is a train depot on the lower left and it has a small station house (Which I was pretty proud of, small but looking good  ;)Pak128 + Addons

Entry 6 Ishino Station area
This area is in the middle of the Nakahara Metropolitan Area. The Mizumori Yamamori and Main Lines go through Ishino Station with 4 tracks. (Outside for the Mainline and inside for the Yamamori Line). The Mizumori Nogaki line goes under the tracks of the Yamamori line and Mainline. The Nakahara Metro Tokuma line can be seen on the elevated tracks. A small detail is a single track connecting the Nogaki and Yamamori/Main Lines. Pak128 + Addons

Entry 7 Highway Exit Kurotaki
The rural highway exit near Kurotaki. Pak128 + Addons

Entry 8 Takaono Station
Well another station along the Nozomi Railway Line, this time it is a station where trains can cross each other. Pak128 + Addons

Entry 9 Shigetomi Station
This is quite a large station. On both sides, it has a large bus terminal and the station is used by trains on both the Mizumori Yamamori Line (North) and the Akiwa Kawdai Line (South). Pak128 + Addons

Entry 10 Miyama Station
This is a large station, for the Akiwa Kawadai Line, the Akiwa Senda Main Line and the Akiwa Senda Shinkansen. It has a large bus terminal with 2 floors on the left. Pak128 + Addons

Entry 11 South-East Tokiwa
Here you can see New Tokiwa Station on the left, Tokiwa Station on the top and Tokiwa East Station on the right. Connecting New Tokiwa and Tokiwa East is a BRT bus line which continues onto Yukijin outside the right of the screenshot. Pak128 + Addons

Entry 12 Yoshida Station
A 5 layered Station Complex. It contains platforms for the Harutetsu Tatsumi Line (2F), Harutetsu Matsudome Line (2F), Harutetsu Miyanokoshi Line (1F), Harutetsu Katamata Line (1F), Sakura Main Line (B1F), Sakura Kamariya Line (B1F), Haruei Yoshigasaki Subway Line (B2F), Haruei Imichi Subway Line (B3F) and the Haruei Harumi Subway Line (B3F). pak.nippon + Addons
Above ground:


Entry 13 Kanegasaki Station
The endpoint of the Harutetsu Kamae Line and the Haruei Yoshigasaki Subway Through Line. pak.nippon + Addons

Entry 14 Kinashi Island
The biggest Island in the Kasukabe Bay. The endpoint of the Harutetsu Kinashijima Line. pak.nippon + Addons

Entry 15 Kasukabe Station
Biggest station on the map here the following lines stop: Harutetsu Harumi Line, Harutetsu Matsudome Line, Harutetsu Miyanokoshi Line, Harutetsu Harugai Line, Harutetsu Kinashijima Line, Harutetsu Kamae Line, Harutetsu Wakamatsu Line, Sakura Main Line, Sakura Tatsumi Line, Sakura Kamariya Line, Haruei Harumi Subway Line, Haruei Harukama Subway Line, Haruei Takamichi Subway Line. pak.nippon + Addons
Above ground:


I've put the underground and above ground of the same place together for convienence.

My pak128 submissions are from my big Korino Map and the nippon ones are from a smaller contest map (Kasukabe Metropolis) I did.
Here you can download all the screenshots


My entry is in a mountainous area like Japan.


Yeah ! 4 participations in 2 days ! Pretty exciting !

@danivenk Impressive map ! The infrastructures are really impressive ! What a quantity of addons (I love the multi-lane bridges ! Are they compatible with Standard Simutrans or they only can work with the OTRP project ?) I also love the train station extension, they offers to create some beautiful and so complex stations !
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


Yeah those bridges are beautiful, especially the Kinashi arch bridge. How are they coded? Is the source available for inspiration?


There are different ways, but most easy is with different stops. The sources for the bridges are included, so you can see for yourself:


The addons are all compatible with Standard. However, the (Kinashi) bridge addon you are talking about is part of the SIS project which has been discontinued for now.


Ah so... Those nice bridges are in fact a row of bus/train stops with special design! Nice trick. Just wondering why there is no station label near the Kinashi bridge?


Quote from: Vladki on November 30, 2020, 07:45:27 PMAh so... Those nice bridges are in fact a row of bus/train stops with special design! Nice trick. Just wondering why there is no station label near the Kinashi bridge?
Some bridges use that Vladki, some also use just a maglev road with different parts of the bridge as different slopes


All this cool stuff and I haven't even discovered how to make profit. :(


Thank you @danivenk for your submissions. I like the underground screenshots, they may be interesting for new players.

We have the first submission form Twitter, and also the first of pak.64!

- Yau, City of Malaga

And the first of Pak.128.cs, from Reddit.
- Zeruon, Near the main station

You only have 5 days left for participating.


Is it possible to repost with more screenshots ? I just finished the biggest port I ever made (Zeebrugges representation)
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


Yes, it is. Just post a reply with your new screenshots.


Here are my entries!

PAK 128 CS


Dublovieky Crossing

Nechalov Interchange

Oil Refinery

PAK 128 Britain
Burnham Mail Facility

Ledbury Main Station

Port Jervis

Reigate Airport

Wickwar Airport

Withernsea Junction

Wootton-Basset Airport

PAK 128 German

Alpine City Brentham


Flughafen Oak Bay

Regionalflughafen Oldham

Renton Hauptbahnhof & Renton Westbahnhof

Renwick Center

Flughafen Torwick


So, I add two screenshots to my participation. Still in my custom Pak128.


Mining complex

Hope you will like them !
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


Excellent, I really like the Zeebrugge


Thanks ! I tried to be as reslistic as possible in Simutrans at this scale ;)
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


Thank you both, those were the last submissions. And thanks to everyone who have submitted screenshots for this first Simutrans Steam Screenshot Contest. Submissions are now closed, and we have over 50 participations from 7 different paksets. It is now time to select the winners! Let's proceed to cast the votes.

Wiki Survey
You can all vote now on the Official Simutrans Wiki survey created for this contest. Remember you can only vote one screenshot per pakset. If you wan to check the images in full quality, check the links in the top of this thread. Be sure to review every screenshot, and pick the right one ;-)

=> Link to the wiki survey here

You have until January 10th to vote.

You have a list of participations on the wiki survey and at the top of this thread. Open the links to see the screenshots.

This announcement will be posted later today on Steam.


dropbox links not work for me in survey


To put the Dropbox links in the survey, you'll probably have to right click on image in the user's post to get the usable URL. It'll be something like:

When you actually go to one of the Dropbox URLs like that, you get redirected to an URL with the content like:

but that URL doesn't last very long. So if you click and view the image first and use that URL for the survey, it won't work since it'll expire soon.


Important: I have changed the survey link to, since Frank has kindly taken the time to prepare a survey with thumbnails. I see one of you have already voted. Please, vote again on the new survey, and sorry for the inconvenience. Also voting period delayed up to January 10th.

Yes, that was the problem. Right-clicking the image get me the wrong link, which worked yesterday, but don't work today. I've obtained the right link quoting the post. It should be fixed now.

Good thing I didn't post the announcement yet.


I don't understand how to vote, I can open the pictures link, and click on "send answers" (then the site tells me that I did'nt selected any choices) but nothing else... I'm logged in, so is it a bug or did I do something wrong ?
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


You should see a checkbox under every thumbnail, don't you see it?

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Alas, I didn't see a checkbox before, but I do now.

In my browser (Firefox), it does look like the checkboxes have a huge gap and appear above the next image - many may vote for the wrong image:

My apologies for pointing this out - I appreciate the herculean effort being put into this!


yeah, the same here with Chrome and Edge. The check boxes look like they go with the image below them, not the one prior. I  :heart: HTML, don't you?


Quote from: Isaac Eiland-Hall on December 26, 2020, 12:42:28 AMAlas, I didn't see a checkbox before, but I do now.

Priorly there was a bug preventing non-logged users from voting, but It seems that Frank has solved it. Not sure if he can also improve the position of the checkboxes.


That's okay for me, I did'nt see the checkboxes before. Voted !
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


First, sorry for the delay - I was busy reviewing the winners and creating the artwork. Now, it is time to announce the winners!


1 - First (and only) winner is "City of Malaga" by Yau.


1 - First winner is  Kasukabe Station by danivenk

2 - Second winner is Kanegasaki Station, also by danivenk

3 - Third winner is  Kinashi Island, surprisingly by danivenk

Other winners (4-6) can be seen on the pakset steam workshop page
- Yoshida Station
- Yoshida Station - Underground
- Kasukabe Station - Underground


1 - The first winner of PAK128 is... ¡"New Harbour" by ayylmayooo (Absolutely Nobody on Steam)! Congratulations!

2 - The second winner is "Zeebrugge" by Lieven. It seems like the jury like ports :P

3 - And the third winner is "Road spaghettis 2", by Lieven. Can you see the beauty in all this disorder?

Other winners of pak128 (4-10) can be seen on Simutrans Main Store Page (alongside the first winners of each category):
- City of Brussels 1
- City of Brussels 2
- City of Brussels 3
- Countryside of France
- Mining complex
- Shigetomi JCT
- Wakita Station


1 - The first winner of PAK128 is "Lakebourne transport hub", from Vladki. Simple yet convincing. Congratulations!

2 - The second winner is "Ledbury Main Station" by DThunder518. A great railway system.

3 - And the third winner is "Withernsea Junction". Another great railway system  by DThunder518.

Other winners (4-8) can be seen on PAK128.Britain Steam Store Page:
- Burnham Mail Facility
- Port Jervis
- Reigate Airport
- Wickwar Airport
- Wootton-Basset Airport


Unfortunately, PAK128.CS is not yet available via Steam (but it will in the future). I'll leave here the original image links.

1 - The first winner of PAK128.CS is "Near the main station" by Zeruon. So colourful, good job!

2 - The second winner is "Brno" by DThunder518

3 - An the third winner is "Dublovieky Crossing", by DThunder518 too.

Other winners (4-5) are:
- Nechalov Interchange
- Oil Refinery


1 - The first winner of PAK128.German is... "Oktoberfest needs more beer!" by iGi. I wonder why you choose this.

2 - The second winner is "Alpine City Brentham" by DThunder518 (poor DThunder518 never gets the first position).

3 - And the third position goes to... "Flughafen Torwick", also by DThunder518.

Other winners (4-10) can be seen on the PAK128.German Steam Store Page, and those are:
- freight distribution station
- Flughafen Oak Bay
- Regionalflughafen Oldham
- Renton Hauptbahnhof & Renton Westbahnhof (good thing I don't need to pronounce this)
- Renwick Center
- Garmisch 2
- Ruhrgebiet 3


1 - First (and only) winner of PAK128.japan is "Mountainous Area" by ahakuoku. Congratulations?


I want to give my sincere thanks to every participant - even if you didn't win, you helped Simutrans by submitting your best screenshots so that other (potential) players can apprecite how great Simutrans can be in the hands of experienced players like you. You have also helped to improve the store pages, not only we have new (and better!) screenshots, I remember you that:

- First winner of each category will be displayed on the main Simutrans page (so that players know that other paksets exists by looking at screenshots).
- Second winner of each category will be used as the header for the pakset DLC. This is now the header for PAK128.Britain or PAK128.Japan, as examples, which will be visible also on your library and on store searchs:

- Third winner will be used as the background of the store page.

For the second winner of PAK128, as changing Simutrans main header is not a good idea (it is very distintive as it is), I thought it was a good idea to use "Zeebrugge" for the "Library Capsule". I really like the result, and now we have a better image for Simutrans on our library main page.

I'm very happy with all the participations we have received this contest, and I look forward to celebrate another contest this year. The only sad thing is that no one participated in the PAK192.Comic category, which is really lacking good screenshots. For now, I have to focus on other things, but that will probably be the theme for the next contest. Until them, happy Simutransing!

Procedure for choosing winners

You can keep reading if you are interested in how I choose between screenshots with the same votes. Fortunately, First and Second positions were always clear, but I had to decide more than one time the third winner. I did so by using a point system based on how well the screenshot follow the guidelines (theme, resolution, and no UI).

# pak128 third winner
08 - Road spaghettis 2: 3
01 - City of Brussels 1: 2
04 - Countryside of France: 2
12 - Shigetomi JCT: 2
16 - Wakita Station: 2

# pak128 other winners (3 needed)

02 - City of Brussels 2: 3
03 - City of Brussels 3: 3
10 - Mining complex: 3

# pak128 non-winners:
05 - Railway Spaghettis 1: 2
06 - Railway Spaghettis 2: 2.7
07 - Road spaghettis 1: 2.7
13 - Hiroki-Sesekushi Suspension Bridge: 2
14 - Kaimon Station: 2
15 - Usuki Station: 1.5
17 - Ishino Station area: 1.5
18 - Highway Exit Kurotaki: 2
19 - Takaono Station: 1.5
20 - Shigetomi Station: 2
21 - Miyama Station: 2
22 - South-East Tokiwa: 2

# pak128.german third winner
43 - freight distribution station: 2
46 - Flughafen Oak Bay: 2.5
47 - Regionalflughafen Oldham: 2.5
48 - Renton Hauptbahnhof & Renton Westbahnhof: 2.5
49 - Renwick Center: 2.5
50 - Flughafen Torwick: 2.5
Screenshot_1_2: 2
Screenshot_1_3: 2

As all the images with 2.5 points were submitted by DThunder, so I just choose my favourite one to fit the background. This also happened on PAK128.Britain when choosing between second and third winner (both also by DThunder). If you are mad at this, you can impugnate the results.


They are very beautiful images, I would like to choose one for the facebook cover. <3

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Thank you so very much for all your hard work and promotion for this, Roboron. This is a huge benefit to the community, and I'm very grateful for your efforts.

<waves hands>You saw no typos in this post</waves hands>


Quote from: Isaac Eiland-Hall on January 22, 2021, 04:02:26 PM
Thank you so very much for all your hard work and promotion for this, Roberon. This is a huge benefit to the community, and I'm very grateful for your efforts.
Hooray Roboron for president!!!.... :D

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Wait, I didn't know Hooray was his first name! :)


Quote from: Isaac Eiland-Hall on January 22, 2021, 04:02:26 PMThank you so very much for all your hard work and promotion for this, Roberon

Yeah Roberon, thank you, whoever you are *cough*.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Exciuse me, Roboron, but we are clearly trying to thank Hooray Roberon for all his hard work. Quit trying to steal that man's glory!