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Bulk goods fail to load/unload

Started by freddyhayward, September 16, 2020, 11:45:28 PM

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[C] Ranran

I suspect this is the same problem as the bug I previously reported not to load mail and fresh fish on bridge water server.

Check the reverse route and set the wait to 0%, it will be loaded.

EDIT: Even if you change it to 90%, it will be loaded. It doesn't seem to load if set wait until 100% load.
It will load even if you only change the maximum wait time.
It will be loaded even if you set wait for time.
Remove one convoy => Nothing changes.
Add one convoy to that line => Loading will resume immediately.
Install a new stop. For example (1,46). Immediately it resumes loading.
Remove the station tiles. For example (1,52). Immediately it resumes loading.
Also if you check the reverse route several times, it will load.
And if you fast forward, loading will resume after 2 hours automatically (in game, around 4:15). No operation other than fast forward is required.

That is, it is normalized by updating the line or station data (related to routing).
At least this case shows that mixload_prohibition is likely to be irrelevant.

I don't know the cause, but the existence of the route seems to be temporarily in the different dimension.
However, if you give it a trigger, it will be restored immediately, otherwise it may be automatically repaired by a routing search.

[C] Ranran

I noticed that the above coal line is marked as providing very poor service (0km / h). It is faster to transport on foot, but the distance is slightly less than the 3 tiles in the "freight" coverage. I don't know if this has anything to do with refusing to ship.

I investigated this a little more.
Certainly mixload prohibition seems to be involved. It is speculated that the processing may not be performed correctly due to the combination of the fact that the waiting time is set and the route is too slow.

To my surprise I was able to fix it.  :o
Check the pull request #299.


Thank you for this patch, Ranran!

I tested it on both cases above: the small map case in Linux and the Bridgewater-Brunel case in Windows (compiled using MSYS2, thanks to prissi). The patch fixed the problems in both cases.

I did not notice any side-effects, though B-B runs so slowly that they might take time to show.

From the player's point of view, I would therefore recommend that the patch is incorporated into the official build. But I am not qualified to comment on the quality of the code.
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Thank you very much to Ranran for this fix - now incorporated in the master branch.
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