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Game parameters ?

Started by Lieven, November 21, 2020, 07:58:36 PM

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I'm actually on a long-time game (count in years) and I would like to disengage the chronology mode, to can use again the infrastructures that diseappears with time, is it possible ? (I probably have to go into the game files, that's not a problem)

Thanks ;)
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Too much ! ;-)


Pretend to start a new game, go to the extended settings, turn the timeline off, clsoe the settings and save the game, reload it. It should be off then.


Not working for me, the old infrastructures are still unavailible

EDIT : My bad, That's ok ! I'm trying to do this for years ! Litteraly ! BIG thanks !

I went in the general menu, set the timeline off and loaded my game directly from the general menu.
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)