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Passangers not taking routes

Started by DORpope, December 02, 2020, 07:51:33 PM

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I do have another question.
I have an extensive network in simutrans and nearly every station is overcrowded (maybe thats the reason).
But nearly all trains, ferries and buses are empty, even though they surpass stations with passengers which they could directly link.

One example is that I have a ferry line between to cities. In both ferry terminals, there are 3.000 passengers waiting for the other terminal as their destination.
But all ferries run empty and don't take any passengers.

Is there any reason for that?
I also see that with other transport types, like trains and buses.



There are settings that prevent people to board if the destination is overcrowded. I think it is only activated in pak192.comic. So you need to tell what pak zou are using.

Otherwise, click in the game "New Game" there open the exstended settings window, go to connections, and there are "avoid_overcrowding" and "no_routing_over_overcrowding". Both should be off to prevent this. Swtich them off, close the windows, save zou game, and then load it again. The settings should now be off.


Interesting! I had "avoid overcrowded stations" activated. Now, it works very good for me, thank you.

I never thought about the consequence of such option. But it seems like nobody travels at all if all stations are overcrowded...

Thank you!