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New forum structure for Simutrans-Extended
« on: December 26, 2020, 03:59:20 PM »
As of the 26th of December 2020, the structure of the Simutrans-Extended subforums on the International Simutrans Forum have changed, Isaac having recently granted me administrator privileges for the purpose of doing so.
The former structure was:
  • Simutrans-Extended discussion
  • Simutrans-Extended development
  •      - Simutrans-Extended solved bug reports
  • [pakset specific forums]
There are now a number of additional subforums, and the "Simutrans-Extended discussion" has been renamed to "Simutrans-Extended gameplay discussion" to separate fully development discussion from more general discussion.

The new subforums are as follows with a description of their purpose:

Simutrans-Extended official information and announcements

A consolidated place for official information (e.g. where to download Simutrans-Extended, basic information about Simutrans-Extended, etc.) that can be kept separate from more general discussion, intended to make it easier for new users to find basic and important information.

Simutrans-Extended gameplay discussion

A place for the discussion of gameplay (i.e. all non-development and non-technical discussion). This is the place to discuss strategies and tips for new players.

Simutrans-Extended gameplay help requests

A place for people who are having a problem (other than one caused by a bug) to ask for help from more experienced players.

Simutrans-Extended screenshots and saved games

A place to share screenshots and saved games, including game diaries, relating to Simutrans-Extended

Simutrans-Extended development

The general development board. This should now be confined to:

  • Technical documentation about how to compile the code, etc. (including help requests relating to this)
  • Code documentation
  • Technical discussion unrelated either to bugs or features

All discussion of bugs and features (whether current, proposed or planned) should now take place in the appropriate subforums described below.

Simutrans-Extended bug reports

All Simutrans-Extended bug reports that are not pakset specific should go here and only here. Please follow the bug reporting guidelines.

Simutrans-Extended closed bug reports

Bug reports that have either been solved or marked as closed for another reason (e.g. the feature in which the bug occurred is superseded, it was not possible to reproduce the bug, the reported behaviour is not considered to be a bug, etc.).

Simutrans-Extended major projects

For discussion either of ongoing large projects to add features or otherwise change the code. This is for the discussion of (1) design detail of features that have already been decided upon in outline; and (2) implementation detail of features already in progress. This is not the place to discuss general design ideas or post feature requests.

Patches/pull requests for consideration

Anyone who has code to submit for consideration to be included in Simutrans-Extended, please post about it here: this is the subforum for discussing this. Please do not post feature requests here (unless you have written the code to implement the requested feature). Also, code relating to a major project should be posted in the major projects section and code for fixing bugs should be posted in the bug reports section.

Simutrans-Extended future development discussion

General discussion of features that might be implemented in the future, as well as of design/balance issues that might warrant new features being designed/implemented, to address them should take place here.

Please be considerate if posting feature requests and understand that, for any feature requiring a non-trivial amount of work to implement, it is not likely to be possible for the existing developers to implement anything not already planned (as of December 2020) for many, many years given the large queue of high priority features and the fact that we all work on this in our spare time and have full-time jobs.
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