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Window height cannot be reduced

Started by Matthew, December 14, 2020, 09:35:27 AM

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The window height of convoys, and only convoys, cannot be reduced below a certain height, which is larger than the previous medium. I believe this is a bug, though I guess it is possible that it is a design compromise that was intended.

Steps to reproduce

1. Open Simutrans-Extended since 20-12-12 [I used the B-B build, which is SDL2, in Windows 10]
2. Open a convoy window
3. Move the size control in the bottom right-hand corner upwards, intending to reduce the height of the window
4. The window will not reduce below a certain large size.

Expected outcome: The window reduces to the smallest possible size (which IIRC was previously not much more than the "Follow Me" window)

The reason I would like to make the convoy windows smaller is so that I can follow multiple convoys simultaneously. The top window in this picture (taken on a 1080P monitor) is at the new minimum possible size:

At this size it is not always possible to see the focus convoy in the centre of the screen.

Possibly related: since the Great Merge yesterday, and only since then, the log file is showing many window resizing warnings:

These warnings seem to coincide with floating-point errors, but that may be unrelated.

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[C] Ranran

Unfortunately, it's a new GUI engine spec. It cannot be made smaller than the size of the chart tab hidden by the specification of auto aligned gui, but it is a standard specification when it is left to the system.


The minimun size is limited by the chart tab size. This is why I proposed a while ago to move the details to a new tab, so the windows doesn't take so much unnecessary space (specially on mobile devices).

[C] Ranran

I changed convoy info so that tab can be hidden as well as convoy detail.
However, there is still no kind feature to automatically size tabs properly. Once you make it smaller, put it back manually.