Make Simutrans speak your language.

Need one of you guys to fire some of my Train engineers.

Started by ChristineR, December 18, 2020, 06:05:17 PM

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Yea I know it's the Christmas Season and Merry Christmas and Blessing to you all!

I have been through every manual and tutorial I could find and You Tube and Google

The appalling situation is thus, For what ever reason, Trains and Trolley's just rewrite their schedules! I am deadly serious "as she loads her scatter gun" It took three additional days of listening to the BEE GEES non stop, To calm down and not send my F15 after the very bad boys. ( I have a F15 in my backyard but I need ammo to do the job right).
here is the deal. Go here to download the current map,20605.msg193371.html#msg193371 Now I run a double line around the main city's one going each direction. This goes well In fact excellent! T was considering expanding their Christmas Bonus this year. Then after about 12 runs I get Route not found or Stuck messages, with the Trains and Trolleys both.

Upon checking them I find they are not where the Destination says they should be and the next stop is in another county! Or their schedule is almost backwards!
What am I doing wrong? Mind you I have upwards of 4 Trolley line's per city, limited to 30 stops or so, in a loop, and only One messes up.
On the Trains I have no Idea.

Simutrans 121.0  r8870  PAC 128 German Ver 1.3

Knock on wood. My commercial Trains and Trucks are running great no issues.


What on earth happened here?

also, what pakset (and any addons involved)