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Request: messages display order

Started by ampersand, December 20, 2020, 02:00:22 PM

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Please make the list of private messages in ?action=pm default ordered by time descending. Now it starts ascending from the oldest ones. Seems obvious to me, so no reasoning at the moment. Hope it is possible to implement. Thanks.


In your profile, in the personal messaging options, you find " Show most recent personal messages at top." - You probably have not ticked that.
I think it's normally ticked for new users, so maybe you accidentially deactivated it at some point?


If it is then I have probably had. Thanks and sorry.

Please leave the topic as I have just discrovered all the areas in ?action=profile and that I had almost all wrong there (time offset, etc.)

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I detest deleting topics, so it will be left :)