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No other pakset works on new Simutrans Extended update

Started by RealAmerican1776, December 20, 2020, 05:53:45 PM

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Hello, I am having trouble with the latest nightly build update. No other pakset except the Britain one does not work. This is a huge headache for me because everything I worked for since July is now down the drain.


Thank your for your report. And I'm sorry to have caused it.
If there is a line in that contains general_tool[41], change that line to general_tool[129].
Number 41 has been unused for some time. (It is a standard reserved number and extended does not yet have that feature. But it has been conflict in the past.)
There seems to be a problem with how to avoid using the wrong number 41 in a recent change, so I'll investigate it. However, since the above number 129 is the current correct number, I think that it can be avoided by changing it as such.
If this doesn't help, it's probably another bug, and it would be helpful if you could report the symptom in more detail.

Similarly, general_tool[40] could be general_tool[128] , but now "40" acts as another tool.

I think I've fixed it. @James - Check the pull request #314.

However, it is recommended to modify correctly as the above previously conflicting generaltool numbers may be replaced by other features in the future.


Thank you for this - I have now incorporated this. I should be grateful if the OP could re-test with to-morrow's nightly build to see whether this fixes the issue.
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I managed to fix the problem by moving over the folders such as the config and text folders from the Britain one to my Pak256.America, and it works. I wonder if it has to do with the new regions update. Other then this hiccup, I like the new updates and look forward to more in the future.