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Purpose of this subforum

Started by jamespetts, December 26, 2020, 03:11:15 PM

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The purpose of this subforum is for reporting bugs (i.e. unintended features that are unambiguously erroneous). A discussion of whether an intended feature is erroneous, especially where there may be some room for doubt or complexity, should take place in the general Pak128.Britain-Ex subforum.

Some guidelines for posting bug reports:

  • only one bug per thread;
  • do not reply to a thread about an existing bug with discussion about anything other than that specific bug, even if related; please post instead in the general subforum;
  • please describe the bug clearly and concisely;
  • please do not report missing vehicles/liveries/etc. as a bug - that more graphics/data should be added is a feature request, not a bug report;
  • please make sure that the bug is specific to the pakset; if it is general to Simutrans-Extended, it should be reported on the appropriate subforum;
  • if the bug is that a vehicle or similar has data that vary from its real life counterpart, please post a link to a source of information about the correct data for the real-life counterpart; and
  • if the bug is graphical in nature, please post a screenshot showing the problem.
The reason for these rules is that this subforum is intended to be part of a bug tracking and fixing workflow. Any general discussion interferes with that process and can be disruptive for that reason.

Thank you all in advance.
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