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Feature request posting etiquette

Started by jamespetts, December 26, 2020, 09:59:18 PM

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Simutrans-Extended is developed and maintained by people who work on this project as a hobby. It is an open-source and entirely non-commercial project. This means that the people who work on new features do so for fun in their spare time rather than as a matter of duty or commercial imperative.

As things currently stand (as at December 2020, when this is being posted), my own development time is accounted for for the foreseeable future by a very long queue of balance critical features and bug reports. This means that any non-trivial feature that is not already planned is not likely to be implemented for many, many years unless somebody other than me is willing and able both to implement it, test it and then maintain the code indefinitely afterwards.

Please therefore bear in mind the above when posting feature requests. The reality is that all of us who work on Simutrans-Extended have very long wish-lists ourselves, carefully put together over many years, and are constrained by how much work that it actually takes to implement, test and maintain each feature and we have to prioritise our time very carefully. In reality, any implementation of features not currently planned will require significant additional developer time than is available at present. This means that anyone wishing a new feature to be added is likely to have to implement it her/himself and/or find someone who is willing and able to implement it, test it and maintain the code for an indefinite time afterwards.

Also when posting feature requests, please check to see whether there is already a similar feature planned and also check to see that the feature(s) in question is/are fully compatible with the high level design goals.

Thank you.
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