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[BUG] clicking an object multiple times will toggle the related window

Started by Sirius, December 28, 2020, 01:36:27 AM

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When I click on an object, for example a station, clicking it once will open the related window, clicking the same object a second time will close that window and so on.
On my Linux build this can reliably be reproduced anywhere.
This effectively prevents me from accessing vehicle windows if that vehicle is located on a stop. The first click will open the station window, the second one will close it instead of opening the vehicle window.


Odd - I am unable to reproduce this with my home compiled Linux build.
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[C] Ranran

It just sounds like the "theme" feature is working.
Which theme did you use? Did you change the theme settings? Do other themes have the same symptoms? There is a standard bug where changing the theme inherits the values of the previous theme. Therefore, please restart the game when checking.


I did not notice that, but another "stupid behavior" - clicking on station will open the window in the place of cursor - so it is impossible to click again to get the convoy dialog (or further objects like way, platform, signal, etc). One has to scroll before that. So it would be nice if dialogs in general do not open in the cursor position. Or to change the order: first convoy, then the station. I got used to that order long time ago (perhaps while playing TTD) - and when I want station info, I click on an extension building or empty platform.


Control+Click reverts the order of info windows. If info windows for ground tiles is off, then the convoi window should open.