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Empty industry window after spawning

Started by freddyhayward, December 29, 2020, 07:00:40 AM

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You can still interact with the window - e.g. jump to location by clicking on the top right blank area.


Thank you for the report. Does this always happen when industries spawn in-game, or only sometimes? If only sometimes, can you elaborate on when? Does this state of giving a blank window persist after a save/load cycle? If so, are you able to upload a saved game in which this can reliably be reproduced?
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It is perhaps worth noting that this is a long-standing bug (at least since lockdown began). I have never been able to reproduce it though. I think it corrects at the start of the next month, though I am not certain.
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I have never seen this bug and cannot reproduce it. Is it because the bridge water server has thousands of industries?
On a small map, the industry immediately after spawning displays the dialog correctly.
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