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Stations switch positions when map is being rotated

Started by wolfgang, January 08, 2021, 02:50:19 PM

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one sided covered stations switch position when you rotate the map. The pictures show the same stations, with the map being rotated 180° between the shots.

This effect all stations of this kind, solid roof or glass. I can't really tell whether normal stations, with two roofs, behave likewise, it's hard to tell.


Those stations have "North/East" and "South/West" in their name, because they will always face those directions (north being to the top right of the screen). That's why there are separate buttons for effectively the same station.  Other stations behave exactly the same, you just wouldn't notice it since they are symmetric.

While there is the option to define stations with rotations in mind, that means it's a bit more fiddly to place them (if you place several of them next to each other, they always alternate sides, but you typically don't know which rotation it will start with)


These are moon stations. You always see only one side of them.  8)


Quote from: Leartin on January 08, 2021, 04:10:03 PM
Those stations have "North/East" and "South/West" in their name, because they will always face those directions (north being to the top right of the screen).

The direction "north" and "south" should always be related to the map and be applied accordingly to any building. Anything else is very ambiguous and leads to misunderstanding. To make sure which station you need when building, you only need to look at the compass and then choose and place the appropriate station. Later, when you rotate the map, the stations should rotate as well. As should any other building.

Where is the option for rotating stations to be found?


This is because the station is defined with Dims=1,1,2 or 1,1,8 which is better suited for bus stops, that have platforms on both sides of the way. For a platform that is supposed to be only on one side of the way Dims=1,1,16 should be used. See

I think that Dims=1,1,8 and 1,1,16 are somewhat recent improvements, and therefore some paksets do not use them, or made at least the north/south variants which behave exactly as described in the original post. Also the option to rotate map, was not available in early versions of simutrans. And this may be legacy of that old times.

There is quite new tool to rotate buildings, which makes it easier to arrange the station as you wish. You have to modify the You can check of pak64 or pak128.CS on sourceforge. Look for:



Thanks for the explaining.

I inserted the code into PAK128.german/config/, but apparently the stations' views still don't change when rotating the map.


That code I mentioned is to add tool in the special tools menu, that let's you rotate buildings (not the whole map). It cannot fix the stations.

The stations have only 2 rotations N-S and E-W. They have no way to show the platform on the other side, the graphics is simply not there.
To make the stations rotate properly, you have to modify the dat file, change dims to 1,1,16 and provide images for the missing rotations.
You can do it by merging dat files for station North/East with station South/West, and producing a station that has all four rotations.

And moreover those three lines are not supposed to be together - look for similar lines and put them there. Also the numbers may have to be changed - read the comments in for explanations. The only number that is fixed is 40 - that is the number of the tool. The others are indexes within the toolbars or indexes for button and cursor images and for sound (i think). @ is keybord shortcut.


pak128.german already incorporates the building rotation tool in the menu.


Quote from: Leartin on January 09, 2021, 10:06:10 AM
pak128.german already incorporates the building rotation tool in the menu.

Where can this menu be found?


Quote from: wolfgang on January 16, 2021, 11:08:02 AM
Where can this menu be found?

pak128.german v2.0 required I think

spacial tools -> button right from station public