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Horse tram (1830)

Started by Paretje, November 22, 2009, 11:01:53 AM

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The first horse tram drove in Manhatten, 1832. But, in simutrans we have to wait until 1865. That's why I made this add-on. It mainly contains an old tram track, looking totally rusted, and because of that looking it's more on top of the way, and that's is a fact, we only got the grooved rail in 1852. This tram track expires in 1865. It cost's as much as the default track , but has a lower maintenance cost of 10c. The max speed is 20km/h.

Secondly it contains a horse wagon, which costs 0.01c, more then the 0.00 of the default one, and it has less passengers. But, in  these early days, it's profitable. It's meant to be sure all tram tracks and lines are updated to the new one in 1865. The max speed is 20km/h.

To make this possible, the horse and depot had to be changed to an earlier intro year.

Download (source + pak)


Actually the horse tram was the first tram I found listed as standard tramways. There have been horse rail intercity lines before (like the first intercity railways in Budweis-Linz from 1827). (German only:

So this will be considered.