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[Nevermind...] Makeobj suddenly failes to build Pak192.Comic

Started by Flemmbrav, February 13, 2021, 04:16:16 PM

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Hello there,

without further ado, Simutrans stopped building our Pakset and failes on a vehicle that has its last change 9 months ago.

Object in question is this one:

I'll try to compile a makeobj nightly myself later, and will give an update on this issue if i manage to do so + can give you a better error msg.

seems to be an error on our side, i'm just not sure why it did build before by now.
Feel free to remove this post.



There was an error in makeobj which caused it to not ignore case when trying to load images on Linux. The error should be fixed in r9633.


Ah, I was fighting with that all the time. Getting dat files from windows users who were case insensitive...