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Ways disappear from the menu in ungerground view mode

Started by Sirius, January 22, 2021, 02:29:48 PM

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The title and image should tell the whole story.
In underground mode, tracks are hidden from the menu. I guess this was recently introduced with the merges from standard. In standard this makes sense as there is no concept of ways in tunnels, there's simply tunnels. But in extended where we can change the tracks in tunnels, tracks should also show up in underground view mode.

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It was incorporated from the standard by Phystam. I don't know what it was needed for.
Anyway, if I revert it, it seems to return to the original behavior, so I reverted it.


Splendid, thank you: now incorporated. I should be grateful if people could confirm to-morrow whether this is working again.

I should note that I suspect that what has happened is that Standard does not allow ways to be built underground, as it does not treat tunnels as separate from ways, so chooses not to display unbuildable ways in underground mode. Since Extended now allows ways to be built inside tunnels, this was reversed in Extended some time ago; incorporating a Standard change may well have reverted this.
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The commit number for the current nightly build is #f01c37f, which means that the fix hasn't been incorporated yet.