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[Bug] The fixed cost calculation for the tunnel is incorrect

Started by Ranran, February 01, 2021, 01:01:16 PM

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Confirmation procedure:
(1) Create a new company
(2) Keep the finance dialog open
(3) Make a tunnel
(4) Check the fixed cost of this month in the finance dialog
(5) Destroy the tunnel
(6) Check the fixed cost of this month in the finance dialog. It seems that fixed cost occurs for some reason. For what? (´・ω・`)
(7) Check your current money and proceed until the next month
(8) That fixed cost shown for something has been paid. But the company doesn't have anything...

There may be mistakes such as the cost being added improperly in book_maintenance() or add_maintenance(), or the calculation is different from the one at the time of removal.
However, reloading will fix this. If you don't reload, you're a victim of fraudulent billing fraud.
Unfortunately, there are no lawyers in the world of simutrans, so you have no choice but to cry and fall asleep. (´・ω・`)


It turns out that this is also the case with the construction of bridges. (´・ω・`)

In the case of a bridge, the cause seems to be the relationship between the bridge and the way of the bridge.
If you make a bridge with a different truck with the same bridge, or if you overwrite the truck of the bridge and then remove all of them, it may not be 0.