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Inspection cursor does not work in high mountains

Started by merry, February 03, 2021, 07:04:51 PM

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The 'a' default inspection cursor vanishes in high mountains, above 33 height as far as I can make out.
I do like hilly maps, for the challenge, and one I just generated has heights probably over 40 in one corner.
That's all really.

Only reason I even looked there is because of another placement bug (fishing port in the highest mountain town!) but that's another story. I can't even see what it's connected to becuase the cursor has vanished :-)


This may be related to similar error where the cursor does not work deep underground as well. I'll check if it is not imported from standard.
I confirm that cursor does not work above 32 (in extended). Neither you can terraform any higher. You can get to 34 using artificial slopes, but then it is quite a problem to build anything there - only drag ways over such place.

Tested in standard - it works the same.

I think the problem is in the terrain generator. It should not generate hills higher than that.
Also see,  - simuconf options world_min/max_height.

This is even more funny. I experimented a little with loading maps. I have a test heightmap:  - it is just a grayscale gradient from black (#000000) to white (#FFFFFF). If loaded with sea level 0 in standard, water will occupy 1/3rd or 1/4th of the map. But in extended, it will be the land only on 1/3-1/4 of map. If you move the water level down to -20 to get more ground, you wont be allowed to do any terraforming below -12.  In standard, water level -12 and below will produce map without sea at all. And highest point will be at 32 so the whole map will be useable.

My conclusion is that the limit of actions to levels -12 to 32 works as intended. The problem is the heightmap loader, which should be backported from standard.  Terrain generator seems to be broken in both, and allow generating mountains above the world_max_height.

I successfully modified the world_min/max_height for stephenson-siemens game - jsut press "i" - edit, save and load.