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had a great map finally but got stuck at 1321 Lines

Started by ChristineR, February 17, 2021, 09:05:36 AM

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I was doing ok and was making money, then the map half froze on me, I could not schedule anything, I was wondering if there is a limit on the amount of line's you can have, I also could not save the game anymore.
I exited the game amd cleared memory and relaunched and the map loaded OK but I could not schedule a train or truck.
What is the fix please,, Brit 201.4


If there is a limit on lines, then it will be much higher than 1321 lines.

But there are probably many ways to have a problem like this.

Maybe you have accidentally switched player? Look in the Players dialog to see whether there is more than one company and if you are on the right one?
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I was only playing human. I started a new map and scheduling and lines worked fine, I just want my good map back. This is very frustrating, I was at over 5 hundred thousand in population. and running 30 percent in the black. I will look again to see if players got changed.