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How can I solve this FATAL ERROR?

Started by MarkMTR, December 20, 2022, 10:53:03 AM

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Hello! I'm new here. Today I downloaded pak128.Japan and wanted to load the addons, but I saw this warning!


FATAL ERROR: obj_reader_t::resolve_xrefs - cannot resolve 'GOOD-Stahl'
Aborting program execution ...

For help with this error or to file a bug report please see the Simutrans forum at


After pressing the space, the program stopped working and closed!
I really want to play pak128.Japan with addons! Can anyone help me?
Thank you!!

[C] Ranran

It's an error many noobs run into when trying to use addons.
The pakset does not have a cargo definition of Stahl (probably steel in English), but you have included an addon with a cargo definition of Stahl.
That is, you tried to add an addon that the pakset doesn't support.

The solution is to either eliminate addons with stahl definitions or add new good definition of Stahl for pakset.

The addon causing the problem is shown to be steel related.