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Track speed oddity (320 limited to 160), Great Abbey challenge

Started by Aylbos, February 24, 2021, 10:08:40 AM

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Longtime simutrans user although very much a case of as/when so very slowly work through a game.

Been doing the Great Abbey for the last couple of years and got to 1978 with the APT. (I thought it was an interesting map so kind of ignored the challenges and just built a network!)

Put down the 320kph track (on oen of my mainlines, previously 175 track as had had steam/Class 81s on it running 160/175) so this can run at design speed (250iirc) and yet although the button in the builiding menu says 320, when built the track states it is 160 and is clearly limiting the train to that.

Is there a reason for this? Am I being thick somehow or is this a bug?

200 track goes down fine and HSTs race along at 200, but the 320 seems restricted to 160. Which obviously rather kills APT!



Quote from: Andarix on February 24, 2021, 10:19:55 AM
If there is an overhead power, it limits the speed.
More probably 3rd rail would be the limiting object. Overhead power (AC) should be fast.



But APT is overhead power - has to be as its AC electric. In my previous games have had 320 and overhead power for APT, Class 91, Eurostar, IEP etc without any impact on running at their 225+ speeds on 320 track.

Having just said that, I realised I was using overhead DC wiring which is limited to 160! So doh and thanks!   (Noted AC is set to 400kph) 

Id not seen the different power types have limits - I guess I've not run ahistorical types so it hasnt cropped up before.

(I preferred the aesthetics of DC wiring for my "West Coast Main Line" as it looks a bit older and more industrial than AC, befitting the WCML heritage! Oh well, modernity beckons)




Interestingly every other type of electrification is 400kph, except DC overhead is the only one at 160.


Yeah in simutrans-standard it does not matter what type of electrification you use (i.e. APT can run on 3rd rail ;), so the speed limit is the only way to force players to use the right electrification.
In simutrans-extended trains need the exact type of electrification as in real world (AC/DC/3rd/4th-rail)