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Started by Flemmbrav, March 01, 2021, 10:41:37 PM

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So I stumbled on this thing that should have been noticed before...

My config/ looks like this:

Ingame it appears as that:,
And, in a different pakset.

I tried to copy a Pak128 and it didn't affect the game either.
If you want to download a whole affected pakset, try this link:

I'm beyond confused on how I managed to figure this late, but this is very crucial for the balancing of maglev, ships and planes for us.
In fact I thought I destroyed the planes by mistake, but it seems like the game did parts of it too.


If the game has already started, it will overwrite any speedbonus settings from before.


Can't see anything wrong.
Using the values you have below   1835,15,2050,150 starting a new game at pak192 default of 1975 gives a basespeed of 101km/h.
With the from the you linked, basespeed 95 for all except ship at 39, and air which is broken at 795. 
Note as of r9208, 'air' is now 'air_wt' (Don't know why this type of seemingly unnecessary breaking change was committed...)


Thanks for reporting back.

I started a game with timeline and it seemed to work (besides that ari thingy, but i suppose i can fix that by defining both?).

The thing that did not work is a game without timeline being activated.
In a game without the checkmark of the timeline, the seems to be overwritten?


With timeline off, default hardcoded speeds are used. Doesn't seem conducive to pakset balancing; Perhaps syntax could be expanded to allow specifying these fixed values, but then with timeline off, balance is out the window anyways...


Pakset-Balancing might be off a bit with timeline being off, but it doesn't hit as hard as these preset values.
In fact, planes and maglev are compeltly unplayable without timeline right now. Being able to predefine values (and if it's just the latest values given) would solve this completly.
The pricespan over time isn't worse than +-50% or so, while the span between planes and trains is around +-500%.
It ain't hard to design a pakset to get a lower difference between the years (really doesn't do a lot to pakset balance in our case), but there's no way we can adapt to the preset values without coming up with a completly new balancing approach I am not willing to do.

Edit: The game really is not running as I'd expect here and I hardly doubt I'm alone with that. I personally see this as a bug still.

If we really would care on fixing this properly, I suggest to use the speedbonus for the vehicle on the introduction date. That'd be best I suppose?
Still, changing it to just any of the values given in the would be 1000 times better than what we have now.


Speedbonus speeds are calculated once per month per waytype, not per vehicle, so I'd rather not use the speed at the vehicle introduction date.

There's 5 easily accessible values that could be used when timeline is off:
1) The 'default' (current behaviour)
2) The regular timeline calculated value - i.e. still use the timeline for this.
3) The 'old' way. Pre .tab, average speed of all available vehicles per waytype.
4) The first speed specified in the .tab.
5) The last speed specified.

IMO 5) makes some sense using the highest speed assuming the paks newest vehicles are balanced for that speed, and the timeline is off usually to support post 2999 play.


I think the last value makes some sense, I think few would use slow boring stuff when timeline is off.


I think using slow things is a major reason for playing with timeline off. However, this will likely also be with freeplay on, so speedbonus is irrelevant.


I know this is an old thread, but...

I have a speedbonus file looking like this:


Now when I play a game with timeline enabled, all ways should have the very same base speed for speed bonus at the same time, right?
That happens for most ways but air.
I have no idea why, but air seems to be excluded from this and gets overwritten by some other values.


I cannot reproduce this: copied these values into from pak192.comic, and all bonus speeds are equal. Tried different starting years.
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


Thanks a lot for checking this out!

I get the following by:
- Downloading Pak192.Comic nightly (the one I stole the values from) (
- Loading it into r10421
- Starting a new game with timeline at 1980

Could it help to reload the simuconfig when creating the new game?



Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


Adding an air_wt value did help.
I'll update the to offer values for both.

Thank you so much for helping out here!


Ah, I see, you were using a slightly older version.
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


I could imagine me having all the .exe files in the very same folder being an issue here.
Didn't think of it before, as I always thought that thinks like that would be part of the .exe file.