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Can't make ways public with the "make way or station public" tool

Started by Flemmbrav, March 01, 2021, 10:45:36 PM

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Hello there,

I used to be able to make ways and stations public with sad tool.
On Simutrans 122.0 I'm not able to do so anymore.
The tool works on stations still. Ways can't be affected by it anymore.

I need frequently in online-games.


It was never the intention of that tools to make ways public. However, the ways should belong to the owner of the station, otherwise strange thing can happen upon deletion. I will investigate.



Since most paksets do not have private rail signals, conenctiong rail networks was not considered in standard paksets. Since make public and join are not different funktions, using public on ways to connect to, could be an option.


So the introduction of privat signals makes a tool to create a public way necessary?
Since we have that tool in the game and in some paksets, both of us agree on a need for something like that?

I'm just confused. I sincerely thought this was intended behaviour and I think this is a tool we need in the game. I see no reason to remove it without adding an alternative.


older discussion of this topic

I agree with Flemmbrav.
A player should be able to make ways public.

from the
Quote# disable companies from making ways public with the appropiate tool
# even when disabled companies can still make stops public
# does not affect public service provider player
disable_make_way_public = 0
this does not work anymore



Awesome! Thanks a lot and regards from the whole Pak192.Comic-Team.