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Does Moving Block signalling work?

Started by zook2, March 02, 2021, 08:18:51 AM

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As described here:,

Neither I nor Freddy could get it to work. In my case that could be due to brain rot, but it just might be a bug or a mistake in the pakset.


As mentioned in that thead, the mistake is either:
1. maglev beacons incorrectly have their range set to 0, meaning they cannot work at all, or
2. maglev beacons have their range set to 0 to mean infinity, but the block reservation logic does not recognise 0 as infinity.



Hey, it actually works! Three cheers for moving block!

P.S: Just because I'm illiterate: do I have to put a signal every 1000m?


Exactly, otherwise trains will revert to drive by sight.

In the pakset, railway ETCS moving block was set to a spacing of 2km, but I found some sources mentioning ETCS eurobalises are usually placed at a spacing of 1km, so I used tat number instead.

Beware that moving block works just like drive_by_sight without sighting distance and with a mugh higher speed limit, so do not use it on dead-end sections and also be careful around junctions.