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BISQUITS factory is not bound to PAK 128 for version 120.x.x

Started by argonit208, March 06, 2021, 03:26:22 PM

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Hija developers of simutrans france. concrete this webpage   is Industry Chain named as FRENCH FOOD. Special detail BISQUITS.
After downloading this PAKfile i can not see in my list of Industries the Factory BISQUITS. This is since year 2012 so made. Although Factory PASTRY LU produces product BISQUITS, is not able to find in the game ever the BISQUIT FACTORY. Factory of PASTRY LU produces bisquits, but nowhere any place of industry for delivery.. Not by AGRICULTURAL COOP or GROCERY DELITATESSEN or by special COVERED MARKET. CAN that developer adapt and optimise this PAK for to see Factory for Bisquit consumption for visible version simutrans 120? I play in mode of version 120 simutrans.

Only seen this factory is only by version 122. Id like to have final Factory Bisquits, why is then PASTRY LU and POULTERER Farm in this Supply Chain made, when no finaly Bisquit Factory consumer exist?

Thanks in advance and let me know for  when it is fixed.

With Regard
Argonit - the idea former of SUPPLY CHAIN for FOOD STUFF since 2002, and in 2004 it was for Simutrans implemented