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SNCF's Electric Locomotives

Started by Takamaro, March 29, 2021, 09:41:20 AM

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Hi, there!

French national railway(SNCF)'s Locomotives are there.
I tried to focus on the expression of dirt.

I'm not good for costs setting.
Please give me an advise of costs and png-expression and so on...

Requests of pak64 addon are now accepted!


pak 64 on SF has the files cars.xls. You can get there the maximum income per tile, and then I use 10% as running costs.


Thanks to reply, prissi!

Unfortunately, I cannot find the files 'cars.xls', but I'll try to recalculate costs with logical thinking. Please give me a moment for making original spread sheet.

I'm good for painting, so I thanks to your comment about addons' pictures.
Requests of pak64 addon are now accepted!


These are really good, the colour choices are wonderful - not garish, but really stand out. Good job!