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tricky translation entries
« on: April 02, 2021, 04:33:37 PM »
I have observed several pitfalls during localising games, including Simutrans. Although many of them may be listed, in Simutrans, I most often suffer from lack of documentation and 'cutting corners' development effects in results of small and rotating teams work.
As there are at least 3 terms in question when translating object names: the object name, ex. horse_cart_1900, the source text in creator's language version, ex. 馬車 and the text in the target language, ex. Pferdewagen ? / Pferdekutsche ?,
it is easy to be misled by any unclarity within these terms.
For example, in the PAK.128german, some objects of common type are differentiated by nicknames, ex: .