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Railways/tramways - how to continue?

Started by Václav, April 17, 2021, 11:52:03 AM

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Hi, again. I beg your pardon for a bit longer absence, but ...

Some time ago I started works on new tram ways, including bridges and tunnels. Well, these works are still not finished. And I beg your pardon for it. But here is one thing I would like to ask (before I will return to works).

Tramways are aligned for surface level, meanwhile railways are lifted above surface level. Well, mostly it does not metter - because both networks are quite strictly isolated from each other. But on other hand, this difference is based (may be I am wrong) on fact that railways are mostly isolated from each other. But this difference is getting lesser and lesser important. And in some cases, in within city tramway is layed together with roads and outside (or on some places) it is layed like railways. Also, but may differ from country to country (and sometimes city to city within one country) both networks often have the same span. So, both vehicles may go on track of other system if it is needed.

So, I would like to unite both types of tracks on surface level. It will boost making of tracks for trams and trains, and not a little. Because I would only re-colour (however it may be not easy) and re-write dat files as needed. And of course, in case of tunnels, it will allow to share them - well, not fully. One graphics may be used for both types of tracks.

May be I have not all relevant informations, but tunnels and bridges where trams and cars go side by side or where they even block way for each other are rare - and mostly they have isolated tunnels and bridges. Of course, worse situation is in historical parts of cities (in real world). But we are in game where cities may be re-built almost freely (in comparison to TTD or so) and tramways (respectively bridges and tunnels) may be isolated.

BTW: I would like to do this before new vehicles would be added - because they would be already aligned for these new ways. Trains I prepared, I can re-align.

Chybami se člověk učí - ale někteří lidé jsou nepoučitelní


Technically roads are not exactly on surface level either. There are plently of examples of roads being higher than surrounding fields. It's just that sidewalks in cities are a little above road level as well.


I know that roads are shifted slightly (but how much, it depends on pakset) down. If I am not wrong, it is mostly 1 or 2 px. And of course, it is caused by border of sidewalks, not that road, itself, would be shifted down.

But it is difference when tram goes aligned correctly on both tracks or on only own track. And in some paksets that elevation difference (between both types) was not negligible (even pak96.comic). And if trams enter on railway, they may look like if they go on only one rail.

Chybami se člověk učí - ale někteří lidé jsou nepoučitelní