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r9831 - compile

Started by Andarix, May 27, 2021, 07:41:32 AM

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r9831 not compile makeobj and nettool by all OS

Quote2021-05-27T07:25:46.5666753Z ===> CXX ../utils/
2021-05-27T07:25:46.7706780Z ../utils/ In member function 'void log_t::custom_fatal(char*)':
2021-05-27T07:25:46.7708886Z ../utils/ error: 'n' was not declared in this scope
2021-05-27T07:25:46.7709920Z   (void)n;
2021-05-27T07:25:46.7710668Z         ^
2021-05-27T07:25:46.8080478Z make: *** [../build/default/utils/log-makeobj.o] Error 1
2021-05-27T07:25:46.8081679Z ../ recipe for target '../build/default/utils/log-makeobj.o' failed
2021-05-27T07:25:46.8088878Z ##[error]Process completed with exit code 2.