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[r9754] Win10 pak128 - Ships stuck, will not unload

Started by roxellani, May 09, 2021, 01:09:19 PM

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So I have this cheat map on Pak128, I have issues with ships being stuck on a particular dock. Loaded ships aren't unloading in this station, and ships that are loading here will not proceed to their destinations.

It is occuring on "Taholn Branch Station" near the Rafineries and Steel plants. The exact tile this is occuring is (653, 220, -1). I'm attaching the save file, you should see it when it loads because i last saved it there. Weirdly, ships are piling up.
There are two lines being effected from this bug, "Taholn Oil2Raf Ship" and "T2C Gasoline Ship". They also lag the game too, which i find weird.

I've also tried updating the game to the latest nightly build [r9759], did not solve it.

I did find a solution, partly. I think "T2C Gasoline Ship" waiting for goods is somehow gets the dock to stuck, if i withdraw them, it gets fixed. But I've never seen ships blocking the dock for other ships, so I assumed this was a bug and decided to report it. Thanks for all the good work!

BTW, I couldn't upload my save file because it is "too large", 1.5mb. So I'm linking it from my google drive. It's called "8.sve".

Is it normal for game to lag simply because there are too many ships?


Sorry, you map is not accessible by others ...

Lagging with ships did occur when there is no route. Then the ships have to search all water tiles, which can cause lagging (depending on game size).

Blocking a dock could occur, when you have enabled "avoid overcrowding" Then goods to overcrowded destinations won't load. Since then this dock overcrowds as well, the results is spreading downward and blocking this dock (and later everything).

Also if you have more than 255 object on a tile, new object cannot enter such a tile. That means also the 255th ship will wait one tile before. (If you have that many ships all trying the enter a tile with already too many ships on it, then the game can become laggy as well.)

Further advice depends on me being able to download your savegame ...


Oh I see, 255 objects per tile makes perfect sense, i think it is what have caused my game to lag and ships to get stuck, because when you load the save you will see ships lining on 3-4 tiles near the dock. So it may not have been a bug after all, that makes perfect sense.

I gave you permission access the file, or to anyone with the link. Sorry about that i was sloppy with sharing options on google drive, didn't notice it would've required me to approve anyone who wants to access.

But I guess it is solved. I thought it was a bug because i've never seen this game get laggy, nor ships line up tiles near the dock. But I have 800's of ships on the line that got stuck, so i guess that explains it.

Thanks for the reply, and thanks for all the great work!


The situation is even more severe, since the route back is going over the same tiles. Hence it fails to find a free route to be able to eave the harbour ... The only way to restart thing is to load the game paused, then insert a stop one tile sidewards into the line nd unpause.

The plastic shps have the same problem.

r9762 introduces a change that makes it more likely that trains can enter at a signal even for a very busy mainline. (What actually just reported todays as a problem with trucks.) With this, the congestion of most of your trains is strongly reduced.