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[UI] Bugs of Change price dialog

Started by Ranran, May 19, 2021, 01:12:47 PM

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(1) Reset all prices button resets passengers only, not mail class (Change price dialog of Convoy)
Strictly speaking, it resets the state of the selector, but not the state of the vehicle.

(2) Reset all prices button somehow resets the size of the dialog   ??? (Both Change price dialog for Line and Convoy)

(3) I don't know if this is a Japanese sense issue but this function is not a reset but an initialization or a restore to the recommended value.
I expect the word "reset" to return to the state it was in when this dialog was opened. This means that I can redo the edit.
However the actual behavior is restored to the recommended settings, that is, the accommodation class and the fare class are matched.


(4) A non-existent class p_class[5] is displayed

(5) Different players cannot open the edit dialog, but different players can change fare by changing the player while the dialog is open.

(6) The text display position does not take into account the height of the title bar.
Therefore, if the size of the title bar increases depending on the theme or font, text overlapping and position inconsistency with selectors and buttons will occur.

(7)  The Catering level: x display always overlaps the pull-down list.