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Games::Simutrans::Pakset, Read/write full paksets from Perl

Started by wlindley, May 29, 2021, 07:27:07 AM

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I have released a new Perl module on CPAN, Games::Simutrans::Pakset which already can load an entire PakSet source tree from disk, and return useful information about the Simutrans objects including translation texts. Images attached to objects can be manipulated with the standard Perl module Imager.  The ability to write *.dat files is also included but not yet guaranteed fully functional.

The tools show_objects (pakset-wide reports including missing industry connections during the timeframe) and alter_hue (remapping colors in a png file by their hue, or remapping to-or-from Simutrans special player or alternate-player colors or mapcolors) will be re-released to use Games::Simutrans::Pakset, since those tools are now reduced to reporting or use of operations in the Pakset module.

I am also developing a web-enabled version of show_objects (with the Mojolicious framework) to display pakset information and problems right in your browser, as an aid to authors.

Possible future uses of these tools including spreadsheet and graph generation, automatic pakset balancing, automatic generation of building menu icons and cursors, automatic graphical creation of shops with colors matching their mapcolors (and mapcolors that are always consistent within an industry chain), checks for missing translation texts, and much more.

Your thoughts and comments appreciated.