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Can't scroll in stop window (Windows 10)

Started by zook2, August 29, 2021, 02:21:49 PM

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Today's build

- Open a stop window
- select something from "Sort by" dropdown list
- now try to scroll the pax/goods list. It just scrolls by half a line and jumps back to the upper position
- close and reopen window, it works. Until you choose something else from the list

[C] Ranran

Thank you for your report.

I think this may be a bug in the simutrans GUI system, where the right to operate the tab scrollbar is taken away by the pull-down list when operated the pull-down list in the tab, and then never comes back. (or scrollable size overridden?)
In standard, there may not be an example of a pull-down list in an aligned container in a tab.

There is a similar example in convoy info, but somehow the scrollbars don't show up. (In a way, that's broken too...).


[C] Ranran

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
I think I have fixed this bug - I worked around this bug by changing the layout. I think the layout will be more user-friendly than before.
Please check the pull request #492.


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