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Help with new climate system

Started by Eusebio Ptolomeu, June 03, 2021, 01:17:52 PM

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Eusebio Ptolomeu

Is there a place somewhere that explains how the new climate system works? I've tried looking in this forum and the wiki, but I barely got any information besides the fact that apparently Simutrans decided to experiment with an humidity-based approach to climate generation, I think. Is it still possible to use the old generator, based only on height?


Just use the other tab in the climate dialog for the old system. However, if you have overlapping height regions, both climates will appear in those.

The new system simulates wind that dries out/moisture on downlhille/uphill slopes. Any body of water will also increase moisture. The corresponding temperature is from the height. The climate broders are then depending on moisture and temperature. Most extremes the warmes where it can go from desert over mediterrrin to tropical.

Eusebio Ptolomeu

Thanks for the answer! I tried using the other tab (I assume you mean the "climate from height" tab in "landscape settings", once you want to start a new game). However, something isn't quite right, still. I'm pretty sure I'm using the correct heights for each given climate in the first column. I noticed there is another column at the right of this one; I didn't mess with this column, maybe that's the reason? Do you know what this new column do?


The climates give a height region and will appear from start to end height. If two climates overlap, then both will appear in this height level. To get the old height, you need to set also the end height so that only one climate per height zone range exists.