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Changing Player Crashes Game

Started by b10alia, June 01, 2021, 01:21:18 AM

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This has been an issue with the previous version I had installed (not sure which, came out mid-March of this year as a nightly) and the current (5/31/21) version (

When changing players, i.e. in a single player game switching to the public service to remove roads or build low bridges, the game locks up and crashes. This is not consistent but seems to relate to how much has been done since the last time the game crashed. In other words, if the game has just loaded, switching goes fine as expected. If several things have been built or changed (not sure how many, more than say 10), the game will lock up and crash. I usually play larger maps (1920x1920)

Easy way around is just set autosave to every month and I've changed my habits to prevent losses but wanted to report nonetheless.

Thanks for all the dev work you folks are doing on this game, I love all the new graphs and UI stuff!


The current version is 122.0 and the nightly 122.1. Are you by chance using extended Simutrans?


I have had this issue a couple times as well, and the one time I managed to capture a core dump, I forgot to save it to permanent memory (my core dumps save to a tmpfs).  I do recall it having something to do with the GUI and maybe something about buffering of menus?  It may be the same issue as,20808.0.html.