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Client and server report different hash numbers when the Git hash starts with 0

Started by Matthew, June 06, 2021, 03:52:59 PM

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Steps to reproduce

1. Wait for a Git commit where the hash begins with 0 (zero), e.g. the present #06772e6.
2. Download the Linux client from Bridgewater-Brunel and try to connect to that server.

Expected behaviour

Both server and client report their version using the seven-digit commit hash.

Observed behaviour

The Linux client reports its version using the seven-digit commit hash:

But the server reports its version with the leading zero omitted:

This prevents players joining using the in-game interface.


Start the client from a terminal using the parameter -load in order to override the version check.

Background info

Here are some notes I made about a different bug in the commit hash code last year. It might be irrelevant or out of date now.
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Thank you for the report - this is a very odd one, especially as the problem appears to occur when the server and client are both running Linux. I do not believe that I wrote the hash truncating code myself (although I cannot remember much about it now), so I am not sure why it would produce different results on the server to those that it produces on the client.
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I think the display itself will be fixed in this patch, but I'm not sure if it's affecting the mismatch check.
Because get_game_engine_revision() doesn't change. It just changes the UI display.
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