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Touch Friendly UI

Started by An_dz, May 27, 2013, 02:27:52 AM

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When I click the button to change the toolbar position for the first time, the second time I click it it does nothing (it doesn't even show the click animation), so I have to click a third time to actually change the toolbar position again.

It doesn't happen if I click somewhere else mouse the mouse slightly between the first click and the second.

Also, a question: Is there any reason this has been implemented as a button instead of a combobox(top, right, bottom, left)?


Another bug: Since r9805, the headless server crashes immediately after startup with a division by zero error.

gui/ runtime error: division by zero
    #0 0x116fe3c in tool_selector_t::draw(scr_coord, scr_size) /home/ceeac/Projects/code/simutrans/gui/
    #1 0x111cb3f in win_display_flush(double) /home/ceeac/Projects/code/simutrans/gui/
    #2 0x19e1f86 in intr_refresh_display(bool) /home/ceeac/Projects/code/simutrans/
    #3 0x1c37dd7 in karte_t::sync_step(unsigned int, bool, bool) /home/ceeac/Projects/code/simutrans/
    #4 0x19e23ef in interrupt_check(char const*) /home/ceeac/Projects/code/simutrans/
    #5 0x1c92e1e in karte_t::interactive(unsigned int) /home/ceeac/Projects/code/simutrans/
    #6 0x1a109dc in simu_main(int, char**) /home/ceeac/Projects/code/simutrans/
    #7 0x1e9d9f1 in sysmain(int, char**) /home/ceeac/Projects/code/simutrans/sys/
    #8 0x1fd4311 in main /home/ceeac/Projects/code/simutrans/sys/
    #9 0x7fba843270b2 in __libc_start_main /build/glibc-YbNSs7/glibc-2.31/csu/../csu/libc-start.c:308:16
    #10 0x42c72d in _start (/media/ceeac/Projects/code/simutrans/build/client/sim+0x42c72d)


The bug from the last post should be fixed in r9901.