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[UI] Some issues in the depot dialog

Started by Ranran(retired), June 16, 2021, 03:25:51 PM

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Memorandum to clarify things

(1) Duplicate image display of assembled vehicles
The assembled vehicle image has multiple images overlapping at the same position.
Observe the edge of the vehicle carefully. The translucent pixels look different from the images in the list below.
For example, in demo sve, select the only electric locomotive in the player1's train depot at the starting point and compare the top and bottom images.

(2) The author's (and some lower right) texts  overlap
This is probably due to the fact that it does not respond correctly to changes in font size, and the handling of changes in the number of lines in the capacity display is incorrect.

Regarding (2), I think that it may be possible to deal with it by making some GUI parts into components with a new GUI system.
That is, a part to be embedded in a table cell. It can be reused when this dialog is renewed in the future.
Basically, I only report bugs occasionally, never provide patches for new features.
I may only work on fixing bugs that are caused by Ranran.
Fork of simutrans extended for Jalápagos is here.