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Makeobj error on Windows 10

Started by michealspencer, June 21, 2021, 03:06:20 AM

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Instructions To Use The Cordless Drill Properly

The cordless drill is a versatile drill that can drill on many materials: concrete, steel, wood. Cordless drill with compact portable design, solid machine structure, simple structure, easy to use. So, do you know how to use this best power drill properly to promote efficiency and increase the life of the machine yet? Let's find out in the article "How to use the drill properly" below.

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Basic operations for using a hand-held drill

Turn on and off the hand drill.

Press and hold down on / off switch 4 to start the machine. To lock the device, you press the on / off switch no.4 and press the automatic lock button no.3.

Turn off the device: release the on / off switch no.4 or when the machine is locked with an automatic lock button, quickly press the on / off switch no.4 and release.

Adjust the reversal function

Best hand drills can both drill and drill through the reversing function.

Adjust the swivel switch 5 to the left to drill or screw in.

Press the swivel dial swivel 5 to the right to loosen or remove screws or nuts.

Adjust the mode of operation

Regular drilling and screwing: adjust gauze select 2 to the universal drill symbol.

Drills: adjust gauze select 2 to hammer drills icon.

Instructions for changing the drill bit

Open the first pair of drill bits using lock no.1 by turning until the tool can attach the device. Insert the pin no.7 into the corresponding hole of the drill bit and screw it to clamp the tip of the drill bit.

To use the drill for screwing, use a connector that matches the screwdriver. Note that for screwing, always leave the gauze in normal drilling mode.

Using drills and other repair tools always presents dangers. So when using hand drills and industrial repair equipment, you need to follow specific rules to ensure your safety.

Before you use the drill, you need to make sure you are proficient in the basic operations with the auger: turn on and off the drill, lock the machine, change the drill, speed control buttons, drill modes. If not, you should review the manual and practice it before using the device.

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Some rules of preparation to ensure safety before proceeding to use the dynamic drill

  • Check and make sure that the drill is working correctly.
  • Protective clothing should be worn when drilling.
  • If you are drilling the wall, always check the wall wiring before drilling. Accidentally drilling a live electrical conductor is very likely to cause death.
  • Select the type of drill suitable for drilling materials: drilling concrete walls, brick walls, wood, metal will correspond to different types of drill bits.
  • Check the clamps, start button, speed button, mode switch.
  • Do not directly handle the drill immediately after use as the hot drill may cause severe burns.
  • Use the drill in an environment that is consistent with the machine's characteristics, avoiding working in a humid environment that creates a risk of electric shock.
  • Wait for the machine to stop completely before putting down, avoid damaging the machine and the drill.
  • Eye and ear protection should be provided when drilling in contaminated areas (dust, pollution, noise).
  • Do not use a very blunt drill. Using a very blunt drill can be dangerous and drain the battery life.
  • Keep the device neatly in the box when not in use, out of reach of children.

Some tips when using cordless drills

When using a specialized drill bit to drill the bricks, you can use a piece of lined paper to cover the drill position to prevent splintering.

If you want to drill into plaster, tap on the plaster wall to identify the internal beams and drill into the beams, avoiding drilling in a position where there are no beams that will damage the plaster wall.

If you want to drill in locations far from the power source, use a chain or use a portable battery drill.

Hopefully, with the experience shared above and the best cordless drill reviews, you will be able to use this best drill for home properly while ensuring safety and increasing the durability of the drill.


makeobj is a command line program. The best way is to use it with a batch file.

Open a new file in notepad
Do sift+rightclick on makeobj.exe and select "copy as path" then paste it into this file. Add the of the line rest, so it looks like below (of course your path will differ.)

"D:\msys64\home\markus\sf\pak64\makeobj.exe" pak %~n1.pak %1

and save it as "makeobj-pak.bat" The ending must be "bat", so you need to switch notepad to "All files" in the saving dialog. otherwise it will but a .txt at then end (Then the file icon will be wrong too.) Now draw a dat file on it and it will generate the pak file.

If you want to create obj in other sizes, you need to exchange pk in the btach file with pak128 or pak192 or whatever you need.


I have it in a folder in my windows files (with the C:) so all I have to do is cd c:/makeobj in my command prompt. Enter, makeobj pak whatever your pak file is. It's simple and I can remember it easily.