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[r9274] Client server seems to be broken

Started by Ranran(retired), July 02, 2021, 11:34:30 AM

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Since the mass merge of standard in December last year, I noticed that the client server function is broken in Extended.
I have confirmed that this symptom was the same for standard 122.0(r9274).

Also standard r9274 cannot be started with the "-server" option. This is different from extended.
But in 120.4.1 it can be started correctly.
So I had to boot into normal mode and then go into server mode by loading a save with the boot option on the server.

A client server started that way looks fine at first glance.
However, if you connect another client to it, the connected client will remain paused forever.
The screen does not refresh, but when you remove the tile, the client server receives that information and the destruction is performed. However, the connected client does not refresh the screen.

Older clients do not have this symptom. Have any required options changed?
For example, is there a description in the default that prevents startup? (´・ω・`)


Sorry, a bit hard to follow. I just started a headless server with the -server switch and joined with a local client with r9923 latest build on Monday as server and then joined with a client built with mingw. Also working was to start with the server switch and defining a savegame on the commandline for the GDI server.

SO the current nightly works.