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I have a few ideas
« on: July 06, 2021, 06:44:58 PM »
Hey Simutrans forums, i have a few ideas that can be added to the game, and may be of improvement to the gameplay.

-Ability to change hotkeys, if we can customly define hotkeys it would be awesome. For example i could set the hotkey Q for "sent to depot" command, and easily send lots of vehicles to depot using mouse and Q + Escape combination. Or maybe checkboxes to select multiple vessels from lines or vehicles list could also help.

-Auto-Backup of last saved state. I sometimes run into problems with save files, i can't open or edit .SVE files, if there is a way i would appreciate that too. I've changed the of an existing save with a stupid value, and now it's corrupted. Or that i've had several occasions where i've misclicked to overwrite a save i did not intended to. Even if that happens, it would've been great if a copy of previous .SVE state of a save was retained to achieve damage minimization instead of losing a whole map.

-Ability to connect factories to town halls to generate worker/passenger demand from a factory to another town. I couldn't figure out a way to get this done, i like to keep towns and workers simple early game, but even if there is a way to add towns to list of worker towns for any factory, i don't know how.

These are the ideas that come to my mind. I'm not a programmer, but i can understand how coding works. I think this software is supposed to open-code, but i couldn't understand how i could implement any of these changes, or if it's possible decrypt save files. I think these ideas could help, but if there are any ways for me to work around my problems, i'm open to ideas.

If there is anyone that can manipulate my .sve file and change "worker tile radius" from the written in the save file to a humane level that won't crash my game, or the default 77 value, i would also appreciate if that happens.


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Re: I have a few ideas
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2021, 12:00:11 PM »
Autosaves are in there since almost the beginning. Hotkeys are in principle possible, although only on certain commands.

The connection between workers and factories is based on the distance.

About editing sve games. You can saved a bzipped xml. However, that files is GB large and still not very human friendlich xml. For changing the settings it is good enough. You would search for <settings_t> and the the entrie with the radius. This depends on you savegame version.

It might be easier to start a new game, enter the value in the settings, and then save the game instead really creating a new game.