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Building a supply chain with a chemical plant

Started by emerrryjones, July 13, 2021, 09:39:16 AM

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Hi! I am new to Simutrans and I like it a lot.

In my game, using pak64 I am trying to build a supply chain with a chemical plant, using a cargo airplane to ship chemical products from the plant to a pharmaceutical plant. The chemical plant, although I ship oil to it, seems not to produce any chemical product, but it produces ink, that I ship to a typography using a road vehicle.

I also linked with a train the destination airport to a chemical lab, that is the only other customer of that plant for chemical products, but it does not deliver anyway.


Welcome to the International Simutrans Forum, emerrry! It's a great game.

Based on your description, it seems that you are doing everything right, but I don't play pak64 often, so our pak64 expert may know better. Have you checked that the train platform is long enough for the train?

It will help us to help you if you upload your save game. You can use the free Simutrans file uploader and give the link here.

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